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Making an aspiration of yourself publicly

N@: I'm kneedeep in the Wikipedia
Katy: I like to waste time on the wikipedia
Katy: although lately I've done all my time wastin in the nanowrimo forums
N@: Ah
N@: Does it show up that I added you there?
Katy: I dont think their marvel of modern technology webpage does stuff like tell you when people friend you but I will check
Katy: nope
Katy: what is your nanoname, I will add you"?
N@: Guess!
Katy: eideteker?
N@: dingdingdingding
N@: If I actually do a novel, maybe I will make it about a man who is consumed by the wikipedia
Katy: there you go
Katy: plenty of padding available there, too
Katy: there are some dares about grammar nazi characters
N@: And his world begins being rewritten by anonymous others
Katy: heh
Katy: there is also a dare about a char that audibly narrates what's going on, (to annoy the MC) [Note: my (incomplete) play Randomnity features exactly this character.]
N@: I just want discipline
Katy: what with two jobs and housework and stuff I dont know how well I will do
Katy: my book idea is.. different.
N@: If I can sit on teh wiki for what? 7 hrs at a stretch, I can write for an hour or two a day
N@: And if I don't do it, I hope I don't do it by doing things I should be doing
N@: Like housework
Katy: yeah
N@: I have never cleaned my apartment since I first moved in
N@: I'm not even mostly unpacked
Katy: yeah, we haven't cleaned the house nearly enough
N@: My kitchen IS boxes
Katy: we have on room that is still full of unpacked stuff. probably means we can get rid of all of that stuff
Katy: on(e)
Katy: I like your wikipedia idea. leaves a lot of room for going all over the place if you want
N@: Oh gosh yes
N@: Maybe I will have him travel from article to article
N@: Searching for a way out
Katy: I think you should make him jump the shark to get out :D
N@: Using links as a gateway
N@: ha ha ha
N@: Or maybe make him realize he doesn't WANT to leave
Katy: o0o
N@: He could start to take people with him from Biography pages
N@: And inhabit one of the location articles
Katy: a la bill and ted?
N@: Fictional or otherwise
N@: Where they "edit" themselves the perfect society
Katy: ooh, they could punish people by editing thing
Katy: er
Katy: them
Katy: not thing
Katy: due to version control they can never fully die
Katy: like the tabernacle in ZARDOZ@!
N@: Interesting
N@: Anyone who enters the wiki would be given a weird sort of immortality
N@: Like that book... dammit
N@: With the river?
Katy: drawing a blank here
Katy: that's a funny phrase
Katy: how do you DRAW a BLANK?
N@: Easily
N@: From a hat
Katy: ah
N@: A piece of paper with nothing on it
N@: I've been rediscovering my lateral thinking prowess lately
N@: =)
N@: I have problems with figurative phrases
N@: Like a schizophrenic, scarily enough
Katy: I was thinking in pictionary terms, I was drawing a gun and some bullets and a bullet that doesn't fire
N@: "Forest for the trees" is one I still don't like
Katy: ahh
Katy: that one I finally explained in my head a few years ago
Katy: 'can't see the forest for the trees' right?
N@: AH
Katy: its an archaic use of 'for'
N@: Philip Jose Farmer
Katy: ahh
N@: I was thinking "hispanic name" and "river"
N@: Hah, they could come to find themselves INSIDE that article

N@: I was talking with Katy about doing NaNoWriMo
N@: I suggested turning my current preoccupation with the Wikipedia into a novel
Alison: I don't have the discipline for it
N@: Wherein the protagonist is sucked INTO the wikipedia
N@: Neither do I, but perhaps I can create it
Alison: I would start and forget and give up
N@: He would travel from article to article via the hyperlinks
N@: Meeting famous people and visiting all kinds of places
N@: Perhaps figuring out in the process how to "edit" the pages from within
Alison: That's a good idea
N@: And gathering some great historical figures together
Alison: (alert, alert)
N@: One can bring Stalin to The Moon by simply writing him into the Moon article
N@: That's just what Katy said
N@: I'd have to do it in a way that DIDN'T make people go BILL AND TED
N@: So he gathers these people from different articles and they go off in search of a place to settle
N@: (This is after he decides he no longer wants to escape)
N@: And "write" their own utopia
Alison: I think going too heavily with the historical figures is likely to ring the Bill and Ted bell no matter what
Alison: Sorry
Alison: It's like my guy with the coffee cup in his head
N@: A side-effect is that through the "version history" on the site is Immortality of a sort
Alison: Exactly
N@: a la
Alison: It was nothing like it, but enough to remind you
N@: Right
Alison: I am actually still a little pissed off about that
Alison: Heh
N@: ha ha ha
N@: I understand
N@: I have decided to not be the person who is scared to hold up his hand in lecture because he might be wrong
N@: Too many of MY ideas* have been pushed forth by braver people
N@: It's time for me to be the brave person

Perhaps a good place to start is here. If there was ever a page of the wikipedia to fall into, that's certainly it. This would make an interesting exit point (found through the Heinlein article: "...that by using a correctly designed language, one can liberate oneself mentally, or even become a superman.").

*Note also that Randomnity features a character that dies and is resurrected continuously, at least a year before Kenny on South Park!

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