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Return of the King

Fucking A, I rock. Two fucking As, to be precise. I got a 93.5 on my sleep psych midterm (with some admittedly generous grading). I just got back my Africana Studies paper and I got an A- (due mostly to crap editing; as a true gonzo essayist, I never edit). I got credit for my "perceptive/original analysis" in what was "a very good essay" in those terms. "Your thinking beyond simply Black/White terms is imaginitive." See, being Halfrican-American has its benefits from time to time. My unique cultural background combined with my own natural incapacity for self-loathing (depression, sí. self-loathing, no.) renders me immune to the black/white fingerpointing so often inherent in the field (even amongst the grownups!). It was an essay written passionately and yet dispassionately; without recriminations or condemnation of history. I basically said: "It is what it is; what can we learn from it?" I'd be willing to publish the paper here, in a friends-only entry, if there is any interest in it.

So I've been able to somewhat re-establish myself as an A level (A- level, technically) student and thereby smashed to pieces my "bad student" self-concept. Well, I'm a bad study-ent, but a good thinker. Er. Thinkerer. Ok, so maybe I need to start editing my papers.

If I had a tarot-themed LJ, my usericon would be "The Chariot". Perhaps Strength, but I think I need to master myself more (with Temperance) before I can claim that.
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