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I was studying for my brain and sleep class, which has to do with EEG. I never took Psych 101, so I didn't learn what the various "brain waves" were. So I looked it up on the wikipedia. I noticed that Theta frequencies were associated with lucid dreaming, so I dug a bit deeper. It seems some people associate it with ADD. Interested, but still wary of confirmation bias, I dug deeper (meaning I googled more results). Some people connect Theta with memory and IQ, two more things I am known for (after lucid dreaming and ADD, of course); my username is eideteker. Others link Theta with creativity and lateral thinking, at the expense of attention. I was particularly amused to see that Theta is prevalent in children but disappears (during normal waking) in adults (except under stress or anxiety; I've always thought of myself as quite childlike. So it appears in stress, but it's also the wavelength the mind enters during Buddhist meditation. I'm starting to think Theta waves are indeed present in me at elevated levels, even during waking. Thankfully, there are some more reputable sites out there, some with actual scientific terminology and others that are recognized in the scientific end of the sleep research community. I've spoken with my professor about sleep research, and she's very excited that I'm interested in exploring lucidity. There's so much we don't know.

She thinks ADD is antithetical to lucid dreaming, but I'm still shocked that theta is implicated in both. What would I see if I hooked myself up to an electroencephalograph? Would there be theta waves permeating my waking consciousness as well as my R.E.M. epochs? Does the same thing that causes both my lack of attention and almost meditational hyperfocus also cause my tendency to dream lucidly? It's interesting that hyperfocus is linked to autism; I've often thought I had autistic traits (moreso than the average person, at least). I wonder what an EEG would show during a period of hyperfocusing.

Hey, if I can get myself psyched up enough, I might be able to force myself to sit down and study long enough to get through Cornell, so I can start doing my own research! I've past a certain point (or am passing) in my head where I no longer consider myself unable to do research. I'm starting to believe I could actually get a Ph.D, and that I could enjoy it. I might not do so immediately; grad school will always be there. But it's not like I have a whole bunch of other aspirations at the moment. Lucid dreaming research actually looks like it might be cool. I need to read some of the papers on LaBerge's site. Maybe if I e-mail him and tell him who my professor is, he'll recommend some good grad programs. Who knows, until you try?

In other news, I bought a shitload of comics today. To celebrate Mirrormask, the LCS (which apparently stands for "local comic [book] store") is having a sale where anything by Neil Gaiman is 25% off. I bought the rest of the Sandman books I didn't own, plus two more of The Invisibles, and Charles Burns' "Black Hole" in hardcover. Funny story about that; inspired by both MetaFilter and MetaChat, I asked the owner if he had anything by Charles Burns, particularly Black Hole. He hadn't heard of Burns at all. Today, I went with my purchases to the register to get rung up and right behind him was Black Hole in a brand-new, shiny, hardcover edition. He said, "Oh yeah, we just got that." But he didn't order it for me, or so he said. Whatever. Worst. CBG. Ever. I don't think I've ever met a comic book store owner before who is more clueless about his products. But he's been in business for awhile (since before I left Ithaca last time, which is longer than most LCSs last). But he's a nice guy, so perhaps being having anti-CBG own your LCS has its benefits.

I plan to use the comics (*cough*graphic novels*cough*) as a reward system for studying. I have yet to figure out a chapter to chapter ratio for scholastic vs. entertainment reading.

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