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Notes to Self

Tomorrow is another day.

  • Call Grammy. It's her birthday!

  • You can see the Swedish Chef make Daisy Dukes here, episode 4. If you can sit through the whole thing. The rest of it is lackluster as far as Muppets go!

  • Write about your trip to Boston and how you made it despite something like 12 inches of rain.

  • Also, you can wait to worry about your EZ-Pass not being picked up by the tollbooths even though the folks at the EZPass pavilion at the NY State Fair told you to just stick it in your jacket pocket. I think the transponder may be dying; I need to register my truck to NYS and then just move the whole mess over (including ½ price tolls on my motorcycle, yay!).

  • I'm going to Aruba with Becca for Christmas.

  • Don't forget your assignments for Comm and Psych!

  • You need groceries. Wouldn't hurt to do another load of laundry. Change your sheets, too. They've been on the bed since you had your cold, and that shit is nasty.

  • One hour of writing, one hour of exercise. Starting at 7AM every morning. Can you do it? Will you even bother?

  • I'm pretty sure I forgot to pay most of my bills this month. Mail is probably still going to my old address. Fools!

I put my whole mp3 directory on random tonight. It's just that kind of evening. An unwind-from-your-700-mile-trip-by-not-doing-anything evening. But it doesn't help me much because I still have GBV's "Surgical Focus" stuck in my head from when I heard it on WICB like two months ago. Where do people go to download music these days? And don't say iTunes, because I just uninstalled all of their unrequested backround-running memory-using apps. That's probably one of the main reasons I don't have an iPod; I can't stand iTMS. Maybe one of you can hit me up over AIM or e-mail. I know someone out there has to have the song I'm looking for.

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