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My desktop backgrounds are randomized, but currently, this is mine.

That's me down there at the bottom. The structure is Cornell.

The thing about it is, the work's not so bad; it's actually sitting myself down to do it that has been and continues to kill me. One step at a time, I know.

I went to bed just before 6AM this morning. WTF? I am falling back in to old patterns of not eating, not sleeping, and conveniently finding other things to do rather than study. This shit isn't hard; what's the deal? Maybe it all does come down to habit after all. I've become so dehabituated to studying I don't know what to do. Well, time to just pick up a fucking book and read.

But there's a block. It's imaginary; it's not even there, but it's stopping me.

I'm writing this down so that one day I can look back and laugh and say, in retrospect, "See, it wasn't that hard." But I fear I'll never hit that point where I Get Shit Done. I say to you, again, WTF?
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