The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

This is what happens when you wait till the last minute, folks.

My PDA just did a hard reset on itself, erasing the paper I was trying to e-mail myself for printing at the lab here. This paper is due in 45 minutes. Of course I don't have a backup on my computer at home.

The assignment description says "No excuses will be accepted as you can always back up your work!" Except when your device crashes as you're trying to perform your backup.

EDIT: I did it. Don't ask me how. The assignment was only a page, but the professor's clever idea of a challenge was to make you distill three readings (four experiments) into a single double-spaced, Times 12 page. It's the first assignment I've ever seen where you're not allowed to make things smaller (I normally write in a 10 pt. font unless it's for a class). I ran from Uris Library to Uris Hall in my MOTORCYCLE BOOTS oww pain and made it with five to spare. On my way running back to the library (where I'd left everything but my paper), I saw another guy clutching a single sheet of paper running past me... in flip-flops. Like I said, I am not alone in last-minute-itis.

I'm synching my PDA now, but I think I will look into sending it in for refurbishing. It's NOT allowed to crash. It took 2 classes worth of lecture notes down with it, and that's unacceptible.

Please note that I am otherwise satisfied with Palm and remain a loyal customer. 2 catastrophic failures in as many years is an immaculate record when compared to Windows. If you are interested in a PDA, I highly recommend Palm over any of their Windows CE counterparts.

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