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There's always room for cello

Does anyone want to see Rasputina at Castaways in Ithaca Thurs. Sept. 29? That's right after I have bunch of work due and I think I'll be ready to relax to the dulcet tones of some cello rock.

This weekend is the first weekend I haven't had any plans in... I don't know how long. I'm thinking of doing this 80's night thing because it's free (read: it probably sucks) but given my antisocial nature, I don't think I'll meet anyone there (plus clubs are just horrendous places to meet people).

Speaking of horrendous places to meet people. I'm on facebook and myspace (YES, MYSPACE—gimme a break, I'm lonely!) now. I logged into friendster, too, just to check, but no, like Wimp Lo in Kung-Pow!, it's still dead. I have an aggregate total of 12 friends so far, and two of them are guys (though I'm taking steps to remedy that by actually not waiting around for people to add me). So if you're lonely and single (the latter of which I am not, please try to remember, ladies (as my girlfriend likes to frequently remind me); though I am available for parties at a modest fee (which my girlfriend likes to also frequently remind me; apparently Prada handbags do not simply buy themselves)), the internet is your answer. And if you're on either site, add me so that I can "grow" my "extended" network. Please don't let my natural hotness and dancing prowess go to waste. A behind is a terrible thing to waste (or to taste, for that matter).

I love parentheses. Quotation marks are good, too. Sometimes there is just not enough room in a sentence for all the funny. Some would say you need to pick your battles, but I would in turn suggest they cram it like cheese, preferably in places they'd never dreamt (using parentheses where necessary).

The vista (I can describe it as a vista) it beautiful. I just saw the most vivid Blue Jay (bastards of the avian realm, mind you) fly by my window.
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