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WiFizzle in tha Hizzle

So I got WiFi installed on my Palm and it rocks. I'm going to go out to B&N or possibly Borders to see if I can steal some wireless. It's way the hell easier on a PDA than a laptop because you don't have to go through a boot sequence to find a network. Just pop into Palm's WiFi setup and search; within 5 seconds you will know if you have signal. So I don't really need one of these (unless I want to know the security status). I do kinda want one of these, but again, how many t-shirts does one nerd need? (Though Sarah's "Bony Night" and "User" t-shirts are pretty chouette.)

There are two networks here at the apartment in NJ. I'm less optimistic about Ithaca, as I'm living in a mainly senior citizen complex. But once I get myself internet in Ithaca, I plan to switch to WiFi. This way, if Becca's over and on my computer, I can lj and e-mail from my PDA. Now we will only have to fight it out if we both want to play games at the same time. In the meantime, it's fun to watch my neighbors keep shutting down their networks while they try to figure out who's stealing their access. n00bZ!

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