The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Bah-dee-yah, dancin' in September

Back from Carbon Leaf. It was cool! They put on a real good live set. Drunk people are funny! Also, there were hella single chicks there, and not all of them were uncute. I know, because I was the center of attention (aside from the band) because I know how to shake my moneymaker, and am not afraid to do that.

We called Tom during one of the songs. I called his housephone and Laura called his cellphone, so he got a stereophonic vicarious concertgoing experience. Perhaps he can repay me by hooking me up with illegal copies of the albums until I can afford to buy them (the band endorsed this strategy)!

Hey, man, I had fun. I've also determined that if I can go to one concert a week, that combined with my walks to campus would be a cheaper exercise plan than joining a gym. I think I sweated out twenty to thirty pounds.

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