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Good News, Everyone!

I'm writing you from the Africana Library, and I have good news. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching my state of residence to New York. My 6 month premium is now approximately what I was paying every two months in Northern NJ, which is a region of the country that after I retrieve the last of my belongings this weekend can suck it. Choke on SUV exhaust, you white-knuckled wheel-clutching morons! No longer will you drive my premiums up! I also added my motorcycle to my Geico policy, in the interests of speed. I will shop for both again later once I have internet up.

From the "You can't make this shit up" Dept: actual NY Times article headline reads: "Bush Pledges to Expedite Aid to Gulf Region; Day of Prayer Is Set". What's that old saying? "Shit in one hand, pray in the other... which one fills up first?" Also, a lot of people have been linking to the Onion, which is fake coverage of real news and is actually funny again this week.

On the home front, I got to play New Orleans: The Home Game today (what, too soon?). As not many of you know (the overwhelming majority of you have not yet visited me), I have several thousand roommates and they are spiders. This is cool with me, mostly, as I love the way they kill insects (particularly mosquitos). As I am the one paying the rent, we have a few rules, however. Rule #1 is stay outta my food. Rule #2 is no nesting in the shower. See, I usually like to take a shower about once a day, so I end up shooing one spider or another out of there. Today, I decided on an object lesson and turned the showerhead on. I've never seen a spider move so fast, not even on of my namesake daddy-longlegs. Unfortunately, the water made the tub too slick to escape, so I turned it off and scooped my friend up and out onto the carpet (note, I graciously did not eject him from the apartment, being in my skivvies). Of course, he bolted for the shower again, just like a real Nawlins resident. It was heartwarming, but eventually I taught him (or her, more likely) that no, no nesting in the shower!

blackacre is coming over this evening for dinner and a concert. I'm going to see if I can make her pay, as she still owes me for the dinner this weekend. It's a battle of who can outpoor the other! Anyhow, as such, I need to leave the lab now and go home so I'm there to meet her at six (it's between 20-30 min walk). Tomorrow I drive home to retrieve my computer and the last of my belongings, to get rid of the GW parts, and to clean my apartment. Then it's Sayonara, NJ! Oh, and I have to return my cable modem and break up my wooden furniture. But then it's so long, suckers! Unless I come up with more crap for my to-do list, which is not unlikely. I am starting to hate my PDA, as it's always beeping at me. This is worse than when I was working! I have no one to blame for tasks but myself. And I am one Grade A Asshole, if I do say so. Fuck me!

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