The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

What is time in the company of good friends?

14 More days until I get my internet (theoretically). I got my Palm WiFi card, but since my computer is still in NJ, I can't install the drivers. Whoops!

So this weekend, tckma and contadina came out from MA this weekend to visit. They got in early Saturday morning (in the wee hours) and we took Saturday pretty chill. I ran about a thousand errands, and then we went to the Sciencecenter to play with science and also miniature golf. I've apparently gotten really good at miniature golf. I don't mean to marginalize the achievements of Tom or Becca, but I hit a bunch of stuff in one or two shots. It was hot. Also, the science was fun.

Then, we went to dinner at the Buffalo Grill. It took a long time to get the food, and then twice as long to eat it. Yum. Then we went to CJAS. We caught the tail end of His and Hers (I can't remember the Japanese title, something like Kareshi Kano no Jiju or somepin), which was playing at CJAS like five years ago last time I went. They also had a show called Paranoia Agent (2!), which looks like something you rent on DVD and then fast forward through til the end to catch the twist. The movie at the end was Mononoke Hime, which Tom and I had seen. So we decided to head to the Straight for some pool. Only... the pool tables were GONE! The janitor told us they were gone. So we ended up going to Noyes on West Campus which was strangely deserted for a Saturday night. I've apparently gotten really good at pool. I don't mean to marginalize the achievements of Tom or Becca, but I was hitting some shots I couldn't've imagined hitting normally.

Sunday morning, Xi (cele8stial) called us to say she was sick, and couldn't make the fair. Tom drove us up in his Civic Hybrid, so we could all be friends to the environment, hooray! The fair was ten times more fun than I remember it being. First, we hit the Hall of Progress, where people move very slowly and therefore it is difficult to make any. I didn't buy anything, but I did register to vote in NY. That's another thing off my list! Also, the MSF was right by the entrance to the fair, so Tom and I ce to the fair, so Tom and I asked them a few questions and chit-chatted about motorcycle safety and the classes.

After, I found the Pan-African pavillion, and got me some jerked chicken and Jamaican cream soda from the Jerk Hut of Syracuse. I've been dreaming about them since I last hit the fair five years ago. Well, not exactly, but I was definitely enthusiastic. Becca and Tom were not too excited about having their meat jerked, so we went off in search of some other food. We sat and ate, and made jokes about jerked meat and Jamaican cream. We came to a consensus that there was indeed no meat the Jerk Hut could not jerk. And cream is indeed the best thing to wash down jerked meat; it goes down smooth.

Then we went around to the midway, where Becca was the only one to win anything. We went around and found some other stuff to do, like Go-Karts. Becca decided she didn't want to go on, but while I was on line, the dude taking the tickets asked me if I knew the names of the ghosts on my Pac-Man shirt. Since I did indeed, he let me ride free and I gave Becca my ticket. I rocked at go-karts, even though it probably had all of 2 hp. I took some really good lines and lapped most everyone (lapped Becca thrice). So apparently, I am really good at go-karts, as I haven't been practicing. None of this is to minimize the achievements of Tom and Becca.

Afterwards, we found the helicopter rides and Tom and I took two laps around the fair. Then, we had our mission from Joe (vinz_klortho) to photograph the butter sculpture. It tooks us a while to find it, and I finally did take pictures, though it was only with my phone camera, as I forgot my regular camera. I hope the pictures accurately portray the scale of the thing, as requested. Then we went to get funnel cakes, whereupon blackacre (whose username reminds me of a joke about Kermit the Frog's nuts; remind me to tell you that one some time) called Tom and gave him some terrible directions to find her. We headed out from the fair to find her, got lost, and I had to save the day with my PDA and's directions. (Unfortunately, I must marginalize Laura's direction-giving ability, as it makes me look all the awesomer). I'm just glad Tom was driving, because the few times I've had to do it while driving were nearly disastrous. Don't drive and use the internet, kids!

We picked Laura up, and she asked us if we wanted to eat now, or bowl now and have to wait 60-90 minutes to get a table. And so I asked, "What is time in the company of good friends? Roll on!" So we went bowling. And apparently, I've gotten really good at bowling. Not to marginalize the achievements of Laura or Becca, but only in the second game was Tom able to bring his A-gamegame was Tom able to bring his A-gamee was Tom able to bring his A-game to the lane to take me out. I think I bowled a 126, which is well into the triple digits. Wowza! Then we went to Dinosaur BBQ, where the wait was approximatetly an hour and a half. That provided plenty of time for us all to get (re-)acquainted. We quoted the Family Guy, Chappelle's Show, the Simpsons, and some of our own material. I seem to remember the girls at some point making up songs about psychotic teddy bears. I was certainly confused, but it was definitely awesome that we all got along quite well! Oh, and the food wasn't bad.

Later, we drove around Syracuse blasting Strong Bad Sings until it was time to go home.


Laura's coming to Ithaca Thursday and we're going to see Carbon Leaf at the Haunt, where I have actually never been before.

Today was good weather, and I rode my bike. I got lots of compliments and comments from people who like motorcycles, from a catering chick who said: "Ooh, you have a motorcycle!" all sultry, like she was straight out of a shampoo commercial. It was surreal. I also got a comment from a kid working at the Chinese food place today. He was talking about my riding suit when he called me a "solja from tha fyucha" and the "terminator". I walked out the door and said over my shoulder in my very best Governator: "I'll be back." It works because I meant it in terms of repeat business.

It may be September, but it's still summer for a few weeks. I've been watching some Chapelle's show to chillax after a thoroughly exciting day. I still want a shirt that says: "I'm just a nigga that love titties!"
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