The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Confusion... will be my epitaph

Yesterday, I hit bottom (technically 5AM this morning). Which is not a bad thing; as the experts say, there's nowhere to go but up. Any number of things happened today, and when I shut this thing down and go to sleep, I'm sure I'll remember them all and they'll be catalogued for future nightmares. Let's see if I can't aid the process, though.

I met with the dean today. She was a bit annoyed at me for not having come to see her before classes started, but since she wasn't volunteering to help me move, I shrugged my way out of it and we carried on. It seems the No Grades I thought were now off my transcript had NOT yet been taken care of, which is bad, because I'm enrolled in on of the classes again, and longstoryshort—too late!—with that NGR on my transcript, any grade I could get in that class would not hit the transcript. Keep in mind, I thought this was all sorted months ago. The dean went back and forth on I was going to have to re-petition then no, what I originally wrote should be good enough; again, par for the course with this woman. Why she would tell me everything was acceptible and then not tell me that no, it wasn't is beyond me. But hey, at least I'm not hallucinating; I'm actually back and on the books as a real student. Like meeting with my advisor yesterday, this is just further confirm!

My turntable needle was waiting for me in my PO Box today. That was fast, given I selected 7-10 day USPS delivery, and it came from Corvallis, Oregon. I still don't have the stuff for my Palm! The needle rocks, and has a guard on it, which is a little plastic shield that swivels down to protect the needle from damage when not in use/in transport. So I am listening to In the Court of the Crimson King and it is relaxing me. I Talk to the Wind-Epitaph-Moonchild is one of my favorite three-song stretches on any album I own.

I got another leftover paycheck from work. I think it's the penultimate one. I believe I still get paid commission for stuff that closed this month. But Financial Aid have not responded to my e-mails and I have no word on work-study approval. I'd start looking for a regular p/t job, but I'm not even unpacked. I am ahead on my reading, though. Oh, and I bought food today, go me. But gas is up to $3 a pop everywhere thanks to affairs in the Gulf (supposedly) which means between $75 and $90 to fill the tank on my pickup! And of course it's raining all week. Bastardry.

I can't find either of my bathing suits and it's got me more than a little pissed off. I didn't end up going swimming yesterday (which contributed to my bottoming out). So now I have to go out looking for a suit I might use twice before it snows. Of course, I don't have to, but it's the principle of the thing.

Tonight begins the sleep log thing for my Brain and Sleep class. We have to keep track of when we fall asleep and when we wake up. The only class I have tomorrow is my 3PM Africana class, so I hope to be able to be domestique tomorrow. I have guests coming, after all!

Oh, and these two girls were totally flirting with me at the grocery store. We kept running into each other (almost literally). We even pulled out of the parking lot at the same time, and one of them waved at me. I waved back, realizing only too late that the sticker on the back said "Ithaca College". Sigh, some things were never meant to be. Never shall the east and south hill, and ne'er the twain meet. Or so the auld saying goes.
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