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So I ordered the Palm WiFi card for my PDA. I think I will try it out with RedRover before I get any iBook. I'd also, y'know, like to have a job lined up to pay for things before I go spending money.

Also, I set up GoogleTalk. If you're on my contacts list, I sent you an invite. If you didn't get an invite from me, then I don't have your GMail address. You can speaktome if you like (ha ha, my choice of username just gets better and better).

I woke up at three ante meridiem, which means that the psychologist was correct when he told me not to do the progressive relaxation tape within 2 hours of going to sleep or you'll be up *BooM* at three or four and won't be able to get back to sleep. This is not a bad thing, as I do have a Moving to Ithaca to do today. Time to get working.

Later today/tonight, I may get the honor/pleasure of dinner with the lovely Xi. And Tom and I are planning on doing the NY State Fair Labor Day weekend. It's possible Becca might be there. I should probably invite Xi to join in on this "old school" tradition. And, of course, anyone else that wants to visit and come with us... well, if Tom takes the couch, there's still the air mattress. "My doors are always open." That's the Toadies folks.

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