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Nowhere to go, but we still run

Yesterday, I told Becca of how I was dying to eat real foods, like POPCORN and DORITOS (none of which I eat normally; it's just knowing I can eat them that I like). She suggested I do something like crab dip and a pita as a substitute for chips. I took that in a different direction and instead got some nacho cheese and salsa. But credit for the original suggestion goes to her. I don't think I know anyone else with more ideas for food than she. She is creative at food; as am I, but in a different direction. A mad science direction. Can you imagine if we opened a restaurant together? It would be more of a food lab, combining Traditional Italian Cooking with American Bachelor Chow. There's nothing I can't reheat, or add processed cheese to. It would be like Fusion cooking, only even more dangerous. There would be no menu; all entrees would be based on "whatever was lying around". It would be extremely popular with rich celebrities because of the random adventurous element. "All we have is bread, salad dressing, kippers, and jelly beans!" My brother still refuses to touch anything I've cooked (read: prepared) since we were kids and there was no food in the house so I made pickle sandwiches (which must use the ENDS of the bread).

I'm giving more thought to this Kimmy Gibbler thing. This is the second time I've mentioned it. Somehow, the idea of taking a well-worn plot basis (the Harry Potter stories) and using a barely remembered piece of intellectual property to animate it makes me titter in unmanful ways. It would, of course, have little to do with anything Full House (or Harry Potter), so I don't think it would really be considered "fanfic"... which elevates my amusement. After all, who would write Kimmy Gibbler fanfic? (Oh... gosh. I just had a horrible vision of Kimmy Gibbler/Waldo Faldo slash fiction.) I think what appeals to me most is taking trash bags and making them into kites. Just a goofy thing to do with an afternoon, and with my creative energon cubes (aside from writing for teh Conversatron, there, I said it).

Just remember, Fanfic has a longer entry in Wikipedia than any of us likely ever will. Heck, Energon has a longer entry than most of us warrant.

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