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Uhh... wha?

What day is it? Amidst painkillers and no sleep, I have slumbered under cover of Harry Potter books and Chappelle's Show DVDs. Wasn't I supposed to ride my bike to Ithaca yesterday, and take the bus back? Well, it rained yesterday (I was conscious for that), and it's supposed to rain this evening, so I guess I better get a move on. I'm not sedated at the moment, so hopefully I can ride fine (I'm not 100% on sleep, though). I'll just take it slow. I'll be taking a Short Line Bus back to the PABT where I can catch a bus to my apartment here in NJ.

Next Tuesday is my final follow-up on the wisdom teeth, then it's back to Ithaca. My furniture comes Wed. and Thursday is the start of classes.

None of it feels real yet.

Teeth are fine. Somewhere along the line, I remembered that the teeth they extracted were subdermal and therefore not the ones I was using to chew normally. So I should be ok to eat regular foods a bit at a time, right? Yesterday I had a whole Twizzler and this morning I had waffles (softened through drowning in syrup). Also, I had my final follow-up with the psychologist re: my ADD and he said I was borderline, but rather than medicate, he gave me a Jacobsonian Progressive Relaxation tape to use twice daily. I haven't started it yet, as I'd like to be in ONE place, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Hey, he didn't even charge me for it.

I HAVE FOUR HOLES IN MY HEAD YAY. I can't wait until I can forget all about surgery and pills and soft food.

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