The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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Things to do yet

Immediate (should have been done already)

<input ... >Financial Aid
<input ... >laundry
<input ... >dishes
<input ... >look into UHaul alternatives, rent trailer for this weekend
<input ... >Sell motorcycle parts on eBay/Craig's List

Soon (should be doing now)

  • Give keys to super
  • Send letter to management co. authorizing them to show my apt here.
  • Buy boxes
  • Box things up
  • Clean apartment
  • Cancel gym membership
  • Change of address with Post Office
  • Print out and complete NYS DMV transfer paperwork
  • Call Geico, tell them I don't live in Hell anymore, pls reduce my ins. pmt. tks.

Before I Die (do I really have to remind myself to do these things? yes, yes I do.)

  • Cut hair
  • Throw money at problems until they go away
  • Eat breakfast

What is it about my to-do lists that causes them to get longer rather than shorter as the day goes on?
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