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I live in Ithaca!

We made it to Ithaca with a minimum of problems yesterday, and those problems were traffic and some damage to the bike. We hit traffic on the NY Thruway, which I guess is inevitable on a Saturday morning in the summer. Also, the ratchet tie-downs I used bent the handlebars on my dad's bike, so add that to the list of things that need to be fixed on it. Other than that, we're fine. I have a new apartment with an air mattress and little else. I brought my TV and my video game systems so I will have something to do up here till I get teh intarweb set up. I'm leaving my computer in NJ so that I have some amusements in a week in change, when I am convalescing from wisdom teeth removal (which I'm doing down there so my mom can drive my drugged-up ass home).

We're going shopping for some furniture today. I'm getting nice stuff this time because A) I can afford it and B) I have a truck which I can use to haul it to my next place of residence. It's quite nice to have a sense of where you are going to be for a definite period of time. There's no... "Well, I might be going to school in six months, so I shouldn't get too settled..." because I know where I'm going to be for the next year and so have one less thing to worry about. Last night, coming back from Wegman's, I was trying to program my brain so that "apartment" = "home". Going home is not to the hotel, nor is it to my apartment in New Jersey. Home is right here in Ithaca.

Becca says I'm in a good mood this morning, which probably means I've allowed myself to relax and stop worrying about things. The GoldWing is in Ithaca, I have the keys to the apartment here and so can get mail here (meaning I can switch my license and registration over soon) and I can get furniture and blah blah blah. The only thing still bothering me is that I have to go back to NJ to have my teeth removed. That's two or three days I have to spend in New Jersey that I could be using to get myself set up here. The actual extraction is on Tuesday the 16th, but I'll be staying in Ithaca that weekend until Monday, because my course books go on sale the 15th and now that I have the money to not have to buy them one at a time throughout the semester I'd like to get them before the bookstore on campus is jammed with WEE BABIES.

Operation Van Wildest is a go, and I'll be old enough to beat up grad students for their lunch money.

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