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Ok, I started looking at phones and stuff in earnest on Monday. I finally decided to go with Cingular for any of a number of reasons. Among those are that BankCo has a deep deep Jacques Cousteau deep discount with them when setting up service. At 9AM (I got to work late; no managers today) I signed onto my computer and proceeded to try to get myself set up with something roughly mirroring my current service with T-Mobile (but with actual coverage areas, like "Upstate New York" "The South" and "anywhere at all"). Granted, I was the only one on the platform to take customers all day, but aside from spending my lunch hour on a brief excursion to my local Cingular store to look at phones and coverage maps large enough to be legible, and ask "face-to-face" questions, it took me until after 6PM to get set up. Any number of things happened, such as our website having the wrong phone number for Cingular (it went to the "blue" side; the former AT&T Wireless), being unable to set up a data plan because no, I don't want a new Treo, Ithaca being ineligible for the free black RAZR on amazon, oh and CINGULAR'S WEBDESIGN SUCKING ASS. Finally, the dude on the blue side put me in touch with Barbara on the orange side who was able to set up voice and data for me and was quite pleasant doing so.

So yeah, I have a new number. You can get it by calling my old number; I've updated my voicemail with a rather lengthy [lengthly is not a word, durr, N@!] voice message (sorry to people who have to call it a lot and get to hear my :45 message OVER AND OVER AND OVER HA HA HA) where I detail my new phone number, what the weather is like outside, what I had for lunch, and what I am wearing at any given moment of the day. There is always the possibility, however, that I myself might answer, in which case you should hang up immediately before I can relate what the weather is like outside, what I had for lunch, and what I am wearing at any given moment of the day. Do not under any circumstances talk to me on the phone, because that would be like, weird, and stuff and like anyway what would we talk about?

So yeah, the lady said I will likely have the phone tomorrow, but Tuesday the latest. I hope I have it tomorrow because I can then test it on Rt. 17 and in Ithaca. I might as well use all my minutes because none of the minutes in your first billing cycle accrue for rollover (because you can return the phone any time for 30 days, I guess). OH WOW SPENDING MONEY YAY. PS BANKCO STOCK PLS STAY UP FOR UNTIL AUG 8TH TKS PLS OK THX!

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