The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Caught a Big Fish

I landed an apartment today. This is great news, as I can now begin the arduous process of doing EVERYTHING ELSE related to moving to Ithaca. I reactivated my slumbering CFCU account, though I may need a "real bank" and not a credit union; I'll have to check what BofA and HSBC are offering, because they have offices in the City, if I need to visit family. Yes, they are the evil competition, but hey... as of next week, I don't work for BankCo no more.

Next step is contacting the DMV and finding out what I need to transfer my license and registration to New York State. Because then I can greatly reduce my in-surance.

I had a fun conversation with a girl at the rental agency today who referred to New Jersey as "down south." Then again, she spent 6 years growing up in Alaska. It's all relative. Regardless, I can't wait to be an Ithacan. And in half the time it took Odysseus.
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