The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

What fun! (No, seriously, what fun?)

So, okay, Monday my bike isn't running, right? So I know I need to get up early to charge the battery. I fucked up and couldn't get to sleep until 2AM. Alarm goes off at 4 to wake me up. I end up snoozing until 4:30, when I wake up and, under cover of night, remove the battery from my bike and bring it upstairs to charge so that I can ride it to the shop that Tuesday morning. I get done around 5, set the alarm for 7, and still can't fall asleep (basically agonizing about Cornell). So I got like 4 hours of sleep. Then I went to sleep when I got home from work (around 6pm) and woke up at 2 AM. The one good thing is that when walking the mile or two back from the repair shop that morning I thought I saw something moving in the graveyard as I passed. I instinctively threw up the rock sign (you know the one, metal horns). So I started thinking... what if that was an ancient sign of protection? Then I started coming up with the idea of a character (my model was Ted/Keanu from Bill & Ted) who finds himself in a fantasy setting where all his favorite metal lyrics actually are magic spells. Since it reminded me (the modern character in a fantasy setting) of Thomas Covenant, I named the character "Tommy C." (which I guess could also be an homage to Tommy Chong).

So it starts out that he is attacked by some monster, and he totally loses his shit; backs up and falls over a log or something and right before he is devoured he throws up the metal sign. The beastie runs off and a wandering wizard sees him and asks how he knows the ancient sign of Rok, lord of Earth and Metal (or some shit). And it turns out all his fave lyrics are actually ancient spells (Like "And the dragon comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!!" would be a summoning spell). I think I would call it "The Totally Radical Adventures of Tommy C., Dude". In my sleep-deprived haze, I had a whole introductory monologue about how he came surfing through this "totally tubular curl in the like, space-time continuum or some junk," but I cannot recall it. Sadly, this would require me to borrow too much IP to make it work (unless I thought I could come up with convincing faux lyrics, but that wouldn't be as fun).

So yeah, I'm going to try to nap now because I have work and then driving to Cornell late at night and I want to be well rested. I sincerely hope my bike is out of the shop by 7 tonight, cause I have a long day ahead and would like to be in Ithaca no later than 11PM (especially if I am riding; don't ride tired).


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