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Moving to the country

We breakfasted this morning at the State Street Diner. And throughout the day, I awoke to the reality: I am returning to Cornell.

I saw the dean this morning, who printed a copy of my acceptance letter and handed it to me. Then I went to Financial Aid and found out I need to complete all the paperwork all over again and I needed it yesterday. I went to the bursar and found out that I owe them $16,000 due August 9th. Then I got my new RFID Cornell ID card (RIP my freshman student ID, never lost or damaged-beyond-use once in the 8 years I had it). Then we went to CIT and got my NetID reinstated. Fun Fact: When Cornell shuts down your NetID and purges it from the system because you've been gone for 3 years, they do not actually purge it. When you finally get it reinstated, you will have 18 months of Spam™ waiting for you.

So I have my IDs (plastic and electronic) and I officially owe Cornell sixteen grand; I finally start to feel like a real student again. Plus, we even got a parking ticket. What a country!

David and I went to the WVBR studio, still in the Holstein Society building. They are apparently so desperate for staff, they are ready to make me, Mr. I-will-never-abandon-the-night-shift and also Mr. I-have-been-gone-for-4.5-years, an afternoon DJ. I would completely skip the whole evening shift and go from late nights to afternoons. That's a heluva promotion IF I decide to go back to the station. Cool to know the opportunity's there. MWF, I have no classes from 14:30 till 19:30, making a 3-7 shift a possibility.

I looked at a total of two apartments (I was disappointed as well). One looked like a possible; 1BR, $625 incl. h+hw (I have my own thermostat!) and parking. Extra parking spot available. Laundry next door, as well as additional storage space. No AC, nor really any place to put them (the windows are huge squares that open sideways). Across from the high school, it's just 5 minutes to campus. The other was $795+ everything and was right on top of the commons. I guess they didn't hear me when I said I wanted cheap + secluded. Next week, I will see some apartments from online and print listings (got my copy of the Ithaca Times). There seem to be a few promising listings near NYSEG. There's one place in Mecklenburg for $425+, but that's out in the boondocks. I'll still try to see it; I want to see as much as possible and then rashly sign a lease RIGHT AWAY so I can move in Aug. 1st. Gotta sell my BankCo stock while it's high (before the next Fed meeting Aug. 9th). The stock sale should cover moving costs (deposit, UHaul, furniture, etc.).

We tooled around Ithaca a bit, and I got myself a PO Box (so I have an Ithaca address for now). David wanted to see the campii, so we drove around West Campus, then North Campus, then West Campus again, followed finally by Collegetown (or C-town to those who like sounding like idiots).

I took a nap on the way home and then I took the liberty of introducing myself to Drive-by Truckers courtesy David's iPod, on the recommendation of kingseyeland. I didn't get to listen to everything, but I did enjoy what I did hear. Not quite on par with the Bottle Rockets, nor even in the same world as Southern Culture on the Skids, but still enjoyable.

It's late and I have work tomorrow!
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