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Running up that hill (the North Hill)

Would that I could whistle at a particular frequency at mosquitoes and cause them to explode. That would be cool, and eminently useful in the swamps of New Jersey (also in Winnipeg, apparently). I tried it, but either it's impossible or I had the wrong frequencies.

Tonight, I went through a number of my grandmother's photos in my mom's apartment. Some pre-date myself, which allowed fun things like looks at my mom when she was just a bit older than me, as well as a rare picture of my grandma, pre-1970's (1929, apparently!). I took pictures directly pertaining to myself. My brother may have any of the rest he wants. Whatever he doesn't take I suppose I will make room for.

Today, I made arrangements to meet the rental agent in Ithaca Thursday at noon (travel courtesy reverend_dave. When you fly Reverend Dave Airlines, you OH SHIT MY SIDEVIEW MIRROR!). I plan to get a PO Box in Ithaca while I'm there (shouldn't be hard during the summer... I imagine they'll go pretty quick next month). Rental Agent Bob made it clear that a garage was a long shot, as he did not have anything outside Ithaca to show. I don't think we'll have time to look at any other listings while we're up there, as I certainly have work Friday. Maybe next Thursday I can repeat the voyage and call out sick on Friday to get a good look at more places. I'd love to sign a lease soon. I've decided to leave work after the first week of August. This will insure my health coverage lasts until Aug. 31st.

So much left to do, but one step at a time. I may not be able to go out to California before classes start. My motorcycle is in the shøp. Won't start AGAIN. OH POO. There's always winter break (which would certainly be an adventure, esp. in Montana) or next summer before I take on a job or CAREER (ick). Or after I'm a famous something-or-other like Neil Peart, the Ghost Rider.

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