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Hard Truth #469:

You will most likely die with a number of things remaining on your to-do list. It is almost inevitable. Prioritize appropriately.

That said, Today Was a Good Day. I just got back from a starless, moonless (and therefore not a "starlight" or "moonlight" ride) Skyline ride on my motorcycle, after spending the afternoon charging the battery (dead again... perhaps in need of replacing?). I put another two dozen miles or so on it to charge the battery further (I hope) and to get some practice in before I take it out to training tomorrow morning, a 25-mile commute each way. Night driving is good, in that it is bad—very, very bad—and therefore good... for testing your reflexes. I decided to practice avoiding target fixation by keeping an oblique awareness of each minivan and SUV that unthinkingly pulled out in front of me, but keeping my eyes on the path around them. While honking my horn with my left hand. While clutching with my left hand, braking with my right hand and foot, and then steering with both hands (and shifting my weight). My poor left foot felt left out, so I idly changed gears up and down while the clutch was in. Hey, you relax and unwind your way.

I did not make a single telephone call I'd planned to today, but that's alright. I'm still a bit numb about returning to Cornell. I mean, I've been away 4.5 years. Most of my dreams have been haunted with the idea of returning. So, in a sense, I still feel like I'm dreaming. Time to wake up and start making things happen.

Amanda made me this:

Oh, and I just finished Level 8 of this. It's a "game" for nerds called Planarity I found through the bottomless pit of information that is Metafilter. I'm going to sleep now; it'll still be there when I wake up in the morning... I hope.

Oh, and: Today AMEX rejected me for a card THEY WON'T STOP MAILING ME things on. This is the first time I have ever been declined for a loan, and I'm not taking it well. Stupid fucking AMEX. I don't even like AMEX; they charge merchants the most money of all the card companies per transaction (yes, when you use your card, it costs the small business owner you are patronizing money); they really gouge the merchant (who is usually my business customer). I wanted it because despite this, there are still a very few places out there that only take AMEX. Since I never carry cash, I guess I will have to only take my business elsewhere! Le sigh. I've been meaning to get a copy of my credit report (it's free while I'm still a NJ resident), now I guess I have an excuse. I can only wonder what is on there that I was rejected; possibly some collection accounts from my father "conveniently" misreported under the Fourth instead of the (late) Third. Bitches gotta get their money somehow. Not from me they won't.

LASTLY, as I was discussing with bram (Mr. Back-off-man-I'm-a-scientist), I sometimes get e-mail from random places directed to ****@likeicare. Case in point, I was recently awarded with a new Neopets account!
Dear bleep@likeicare d0t ne+ [bleep is actually what s/he put!]

Your Neopets login information is as follows : (keep this VERY safe, don't tell ANYBODY!)

Username : swear543
Password : bleep

Ok, I won't tell "ANYBODY!" Oh, like s/he cares.
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