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Bram, Son of the Atom (Boron, to be precise)

I met bram today! He's got a decent short-form synopsis up. I played hooky from work for about 2 hrs. to meet up with him. We went to a diner (as is New Jersey custom, the one custom I think I will miss when I leave). As he states, we discussed a variety of things and had quite a good time despite both being somewhat "shy, reserved" types in John Q. Public's analysis. He said I was tall, but then he was shorter than I expected (don't ask me why; he always looks tall in his pictures). He was definitely good company and I can see why many of his students like him quite so much. It takes quite an orator to do stand-up comedy whilst dropping some serious science on your head. Always good to speak with someone who can converse as fluidly as I often do (READ: keep up with my ADD-addled brain).

I feel like I should say more, but I'm tired. Work tomorrow is an off-site training class. I hope to have the letter in my hands from Cornell when I get home. Two weeks' notice, here I come. I've already been preregistered for my courses (one of my first choices was taken, as was the first alternate I put up). The bad: I had to switch one class to one that lets out later on Friday, which hurts because it will now be a SIX hour drive to see Becca on the weekends (I was hoping to be on the road shortly after lunch). The good: I did indeed get the class that lets out MW at a quarter to nine PEE EM, but did not get the 9AM class MWF I was going to take. So I can sleep in (or get a job as a security guard or something).

Also, stop fucking raining. It rains like every day for 1-2 hours, and they're never sure which hours, so of course again I haven't been riding my bike. Tomorrow it's torrential downpours, so I won't be riding AGAIN. BOO! HISS!

Welcome back to the ladies who were gone for so long.

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