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Where've you been?

I have been lost on the dark side of man, but I am back. The e-mail conversation is as follows:
Dean [So-and-so]:

Have you received the information from Gannett yet? I have cc:ed Sharon [my counselor at Gannett] and you may contact her directly if you have not received communication from Gannett. I hate to be pushy and I apologize if I seem so; I just want to maximize the time available to me to settle job/housing/financial aid/etc. before my return.

Again, you have my thanks.
--N@ [fullname here]

yes, I received them. I have just signed the forms for you to be readmitted to the College. I will need to see you before classes begin. When do you plan on coming? Please give me an address where you want the official letter sent. Take care.

Dean [So-and-so]

"I forgot why
I need to feel these things..."
But I'm getting help with that.

Sorry to keep you in the dark, but I had to tell my girlfriend first. "And I need you / to give it meaning. / I need you to share the view." "This moment may be brief, / but it can be so bright / reflected in another source of light. / When the moment dies / the spark still flies / reflected in another pair of eyes." Thank you, Becca. I don't think I would have been able to do it without your unflagging belief in me.
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