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The Eidolon Project is a wholly owned and wholly crap subsidiary of The Shiny Red Ball Corp.

I don't know if you've heard, but recently there was a story going around the web about how we will be able to download (or upload, technically) our brains by 2050. But we've already got that. I am committing myself and my memories to the internet via livejournal bit by bit. By 2050, all I will be is bits in this machine. It's quite possible that my livejournal and any subsequent variations will contain a greater catalogue of my thoughts and memories than my mind will be able to recall unaided. Is this immortality? Is an ELIZA-like emulation of your thoughts any more so?

I spoke with my counselor at Gannett over the phone yesterday, and she is recommending me for return to the University. One gatekeeper left to go.

I am not a great chef, but if I have one culinary aspiration in life, it is to perfect my Unstoppable Bacon Technique. I will be able to break vegetarians in half. Vegans will be quartered by the smell alone. But for now, I practice... and bide my time.

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