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They've got a name for the winners in the world

I got a call this afternoon from Cornell (the counseling center). We set an appointment for a phone interview Tuesday. It's with my counselor, not the head of the department. I think that coupled with the fact it's not face-to-face are both good signs. I e-mailed Arts & Sciences to see how things were going on their end. Things look good; not to get my hopes up. I've got a contact at an apartment agency in Ithaca through a client at work. I've got my mother's taxes for if Financial Aid needs them.

These things always happen at the most inopportune times. My mother, brother, and girlfriend are all outside of the country. I have no one to tell about this. Even though I'm not "in", I'm really, really close. It's like there's an upcoming boss battle. But I've fought this boss before. And I know where it's weak.

I just made the switch from Mozilla (technically Seamonkey, I guess) to Firefox. I am already impressed by the shortcut/keyword system. As of now, if I type "mefi [search term]" in the location bar, it will do a search for articles containing the search term since day one on This is as easy as right-clicking in the field I want to search from. Soon, I will be setting up my IMDb search, and AMG searches (maybe amga for artist, amgs for song; or I could just do artist, song, etc.). Then, I can start playing with all sorts of widgets and greasemonkey scripts. Yay! Edit: AMG, Wikipedia, and already added. Hot jazz!

Tonight, I took out my dad's practice pad and set up some pillows as a rough drum kit and I pounded out Jacob's Ladder (the one with the time signature that goes 4:4, 5:4, 6:4. 5:4, 4:4 or some nonsense) to an actual thunderstorm (which no doubt masked the noise of my drumming so Señor Crankypants downstairs didn't bang on the ceiling). Then I put on Natural Science like three times (it's over 9 minutes long) and pretended to be able to drum that, too. Because Natural Science was playing in my car on the way home and I had to pull over so I could finish drumming the song on the steering wheel. It's one of my all-time favorite drum lines.

I miss my dad.
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