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Move Along

Nothing to see here.

So, yeah, I'm older (in an hour and a half; long story). I decided not to do anything about it. I even went to work today (don't ask). I got three cards from family and one from a coworker. Only one of my grandmas gave me money. So, yeah, I'm plenty old alright. The best part about it, seriously, is just hearing from my friends all over the place. I got an e-mail from a coworker who had called me earlier in the day (I was busy and couldn't take the call) wishing me a happy birthday. Real cool. Dude went plenty out of his way to give me a shout.

I won't issue any resolutions, because resolutions must be made with every breath. I'm always seeking, ever learning, and forever looking deeper and deeper within. But I'm also looking without and seeing that I have some pretty awesome friends. We reflect well on each other.

Keep up the good work just being you. It's worked so far. I mean, we're here, aren't we?
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