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Here goes nothing:


This Saturday Night, June 11th, 2005, you are cordially invited to celebrate my birthday at my place.
It will be a night of games, movies, and conversation.*
BYOE: Bring your own everything. Assume I have nothing (not too far from the truth). I have an NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, and DreamCast, and a wealth of board games, but you are invited to bring your own games. My computer plays DVDs, my TV plays VHS, and I've even got a turntable if you have some classic vinyl you want to spin for tunes. If you do the alcohol thing, bring your own (though it is discouraged; I don't want anyone driving home drunk and this is a sober fun† event).

Party starts at 6 but you are allowed to come (or leave) whenever you want, so long as you RSVP.

How do I RSVP? Contact me either through the text message field on my userinfo page, or by e-mailling my livej'rnal name. Please include your phone number and, if possible, name. Trust me, it makes things easier. (You may RSVP in a comment, but I doubt you will want to leave your phone number there!).
But where are you located? I'm in Zip Code 07660, right off of Interstates 95 and 80 and US 46. If you need directions, let me know when you RSVP (and tell me where you're coming from) and I will provide you with accurate door-to-door directions. If you need to arrange travel (are flying in, are coming in from NYC) let me know. There is a NJTransit bus from Manhattan that stops around the corner from my place, but I don't know the number. It's on their website, though (which is not working at teh moment, surprise). Edit: Ah, it's the 168/157 (PDF link). Also possibly the 165 or 167.

I am, at present, expecting Becca and Val. I've invited David, as well. I'm not expecting more than 6 people (myself included). But don't let that stop you. In fact, I am almost sure that we will not have more than four (David probably is busy with film stuff and won't be able to come). So please, don't hesitate to RSVP and let me know you're coming and what you're bringing if anything, including friends. Friends are ok to bring (keeping in mind it's a small studio apartment so they need to be rather sedate. No Chris Farleys), just let me know how many!

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Gift-bringing is discouraged. Bring some food or something if you must (don't bother bringing me liquor; I don't drink, remember?), but I would simply like to have an evening with my friends.

*You are encouraged to bring your own games, movies, and conversation.
†If "sober" and "fun" are antonyms to you, consider not attending.
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