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I took no pictures. Suffer.

It lives in my memory and the memories of those I've told. Talk to me and you may partake in the sharing of experience! No cold, impersonal webpage interaction for you.

I am in denial about work tomorrow. Apparently, I've lost the ability to sleep without 16-18 hours of backbreaking (self-imposed) labor behind me.

Instead of being stressed and having tons of wasted energy, I'm wasted with no energy left, but completely at ease.

Work should be interesting tomorrow. Hopefully, I will have the presence of mind to leave my hatchet behind.

Oh, and if I can get my transcript from BCC, I am done with the stuff I needed to get to Cornell. Then the ball is in their court. Here's hoping I will be able to say "AMF" to my job soon.

Feel so antisocial after 3 days in the wilderness. I went 4 hours without so much as seeing another person. I put the I in Isolation. Then I took it out. Then I put it in again. It was sexy, baby. I performed no less than three miracles this week.
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