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The Art of Life

At some moment, the unending "No." in your head must yield to that most powerful of all questions: "Why not?" Now is the only moment we will ever have. Using that leverage, I got myself up and out of the house this morning. I took my bike for a ride through Overpeck Park, which took me across at least three towns and over one river. Round trip was 12 mi, most of that unpaved (there was one section where I was on loose rock about the size of my foot; I wisely chose to get off and walk to the end of that particular dead end). Quite a workout, yet I was not really tired when I got home. I cooked myself a breakfast (even if it was 2 in the afternoon) of bacon and eggs to finish some of the food in my fridge before I go away for three days. And I felt good. I still feel good. I only ate the one meal, but I'm not hungry, even now. I did have about half a dozen ice pops to cool down, what the hey.

I sat myself down and faced my academic plan. I completed the process of selecting the courses I plan to take when (if) I return to Cornell. I decided after I started scratching everything out on paper that I should just e-mail it to the Dean. So I did. I told her if she wanted me to put it in MS Word or anything fancy to let me know but otherwise here's my academic plan, in unadorned plain text. Now I just need to get to BCC (which I could do on my way home Thursday if I come home via 84 to 17, which would put me through Milford, where I could visit Becca's Aunt's gallery). I just need to be in Paramus by 4pm.

Since then, I've been gathering bits and pieces for what will be my first motorcycle trip. It's not the farthest I've gone on the bike, but it will be the first time I am taking it somewhere and staying there. Tomorrow morning I will see once and for all if I actually have enough room on the bike for three days' worth of supplies. Those of you who know me know that my idea of packing light is only packing enough for a stay of twice as long as I actually plan to be away. Triple redundancy is just a part of who I am. Never hurts to have a backup plan to your backup plan. In my mind, this makes me a great general. In life, it just makes me too heavy to adapt to changing conditions. This week should be light, however. I will have my electronics with me (no walkman, just phone & pda), but I won't pay particular attention to them. If I am a good little boy, I'll be up at dawn and by night showered down and hunkered over a book (or perhaps posting here from my PDA). I am planning on finding some measure of enlightenment. I explained enlightenment to Becca tonight as remembering to take the next breath. It is not some big magical quest; it's simply opening your eyes and loving life. It's being in tune with nature, even in your every day life. It's just easier to get yourself tuned out in nature, so we need to do it periodically. "Out of touch with the weather and the wind direction / With the sunrise and the phases of the moon." No longer. At least, for a little while.

The next three days, I am out to make myself.

The art of life is: without rushing, without faltering, unravelling the secrets of knowledge.
We must challenge and defeat our four natural enemies: fear, clarity, power, and the desire to rest.
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