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Two Minutes to Midnight

I was in Target the other day (say Tar-zhay and I stab you with a rusty tire iron) and the thought occurred to me, what if this is the Golden Age? I was looking at all the things around me, the digital cameras and portable entertainment players (DVD, MP3, etc), and I thought, my god, what if this is the moment before the fall? But it was not a doomsaying prophetic moment, rather a POV-altering moment of the brain. I thought that this must have been what it was like before the fall of Rome, if only because the same problems that plague us now plagued them then; have always will always plague us. So yeah, the grass isn't greener. But it was a totally lucid moment, where I was able to assume a completely different viewpoint on reality. I credit in part all the dreamwork I've done to achieve lucidity. But I seriously recommend throwing away a bulk of your current baggage and preconceived notions for a few moments every now and then.

Imagine how future generations will look back on you, complaining you can't get your computer to dual-boot, when fossil fuels have become to expensive to extract effectively rendering them nonexistent (or "run out). Imagine your ancestors looking forward on you, from a time when electricity was not readily available. Now do it without any guilt or judgements.

In the immortal word of Joey Lawrence, "Whoa."
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