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Response + Abilities

I've been really worried about something mechanically going wrong with the KLR lately. And twice since I got it out of the shop it's felt, well, off. Prognosis by gut, diagnosis by science! I measured the air pressure after my lunchtime ride (yes, I chose to ride rather than eat; but don't worry; breakfast was at 10:30, dinner at 18:30, so it balances) and it was low (again!). So I did the smart thing and called the shop. I'm off on Friday, so I asked if I couldn't come in and go over the bike with them, particularly to address the loss of tire pressure (could be bent rims, ugh). I've been thinking about getting new tires, so we might end up doing just that. I want the bike to be tip-top for my trip to Promised Land. But I also want to learn how to take care of my ride.

I've given some thought to the lessons my sensei has been imparting to me. I've given some thought to the idea of banishment; I had myself a good deep belly laugh this morning. But that wasn't enough (is anything ever enough?). I decided I must make a list of my fears, tangible and otherwise, to attempt banishments, or protective "wards" against those outcomes. One such fear is the fear I have that I do not and will not know how to take care of my bike; that something worse than tire pressure will catch up with me one day, at speed. At this point, I'm less afraid of other drivers than I am of mechanical failures (which is a good thing). Listing your fears lets you perspectivise like that. It lets you know what you don't fear or what you fear less. There is found the gateway to your strengths.

So, yes, I've been reading the Invisibles, but I haven't been writing much. My own phrase was "looking for answers instead of making your own." I fully acknowledge that I should be writing, and the person I have slighted most (other than possibly myself), is sobriquet. For that, I'm sorry, dude. But I have been making inroads on my return to Cornell. I just wish I didn't have to pick and choose so. I'm contemplating just waiting till June for ep #2, but then I realized that June 1st I will be (guess where!) out of town again. I was aiming for consistency, I swear. I hate to make this my refrain, but "maybe tomorrow." I might get home by 5 tomorrow, but then I have grocery shopping to do and possibly also laundry... I will still try to write some RàC. I burns out my fingers like fire, so much it wants to be said, to be told.

Speaking of burning, these new contacts are killing me. Yes, I said contacts. I am currently wearing two. The new eye doctor (whom I hate) thinks my astigmatic right eye is bad enough to need correction. My eye is quite sure it doesn't need no stinking contact lens and is trying its best to reject it. So I'm going to go try to remove it. We used to have a faux Spanglish word, an amalgam of adios and bye-bye. And so I say to you, adi-bai-bai. Looks Arabic, doesn't it?

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