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Yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. After work, I went to the comic shop on Cedar Lane in Teaneck and got some Invisibles marked down 33% and a Dr. Doom graphic novel as well as Grant Morrison(author of teh Invisibles)'s Arkham Asylum Batman graphic novel. I also got some free comic books (duh). Then I went to Collector's Comics at the Bergen Mall, but they didn't have anything I wanted. I picked up some more free comics.

I'd been invited to an art gallery opening by one of the ladies in my Ed. Psych. class (Tina). This knowledge, combined with my lust for free comic books, led me to look up comic book stores in the vicinity of the art gallery for later patronage. I went to the gallery before practically anyone else had showed up, so I got to talk to Tina about art and stuff for almost an hour. Take that, social anxiety! So I didn't spend the day at home alone, which is good. And after I bid Tina farewell, I headed out to some comic book shops, by crackey. Only, the first one on my list was missing a street number! Pooh. Fortunately, I was able to pull that info up on my PDA with the help of the FCBD website, and once I had the street number, I knew just where to go. Which is fortunate, because that shop to which I almost did not go ended up being the day's jackpot. I got four volumes of Transmet, and the first two vols of Invisibles. Score! Sure, I spent $100, but now I don't have to exercise any lame "restraint" and order a book a month. Plus, it is totally the spirit of free comic book day to spend tons of money at your local comic shops to keep them from folding. Ordering online is for suckers.

The next shop I went to didn't have anything else (indeed, I'd bought most everything I'd planned to for the next three months) comic book-wise (other than more free comics), but they did have a small selection of choice vinyl. I asked the owner how much, and he confessed no one had ever asked about them. He suggested four, and rather than be a jerk and offer 2, I settled on $3/disc. I think (hope) that's a fair price to keep him from losing money on their sale but low enough to encourage future buyers. I set the market price; indeed, for years now he will probably tell the tale of the lone dude who once actually bought one of the LPs. I picked up the 2 volume Soundtrack to the Song Remains the Same (that's Led Zeppelin, kids), George Carlin, Steve Martin, and the Blue Öyster Cult album that has Godzilla on it (Spectres).

The last shop was closed when I got there, so I took Rte. 17 about as far south as it goes (I think) before finding 280 to the turnpike. I think I've now been almost the entire length of 17 up to Binghamton, which is cool when you are a road geek. I definitely had a fun day and when I got home, I fell asleep reading Hsu and Chan.

Today, I did absolutely nothing, which is great. I have no more exams to study for, hooray. I should be getting ready for Cornell, but I think I am allowed a little rest. I did some excellent culinary experimentation, which involves getting a vidalia onion (which Becca tells me is the right type of onion, even though I had no clue at the supermarket; I just closed my eyes and picked one) and slicing it to fry up with my Steak-umms, which I then topped with sliced pickles. I even had one of those bags-o-salad I detest (albeit with freshly-shaved carrot on top), so it was like a balanced and nutritious meal in addition to being uniquely flavorful. I've always said I'd love to learn to cook; anyone who is as deliberate and intentional about eating as I am is no doubt very attuned to food preparation. I have very few things I eat without some sort of OCD-esque ritual. You think those Reese's cups commercials are fucked up, you should see me eat a Little Debbie. But as far as food preparation goes... well, let's just say I've always been a little unorthodox. I was the kid who started the whole putting ketchup IN the sweet and sour sauce thing at McDonald's. I think I'm somewhere between Alton Brown and Bender in the kitchen. Ph3ar.

I have to go talk to my girlfriend. I think you've had enough entries from me for today already!

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