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Oh god, there's MORE?

Tuesday, I woke up after my aunt had gone to work, feeling guilty because I think she'd hoped to spend more time together. She left me a lovely note, though, and we talked on the phone before we left. I had to walk her dog, but not until after I'd played some No One Lives Forever and Splinter Cell on her PS2. By now, I was into the "relax" groove of vacation, which was lucky, because that was exactly what I did with Smanda and Piehead when I arrived in Chapel Hill. Maybe it was all the sweeter because I realized my vacation was ending, but I really enjoyed hanging out with both of them. We went out for some Southern cookin, and then wandered about Chapel Hill. We checked out some used record stores, then a comic book store. In the comic book store, I decided to give in to pressure from both Joe and Kermix and indulge myself with a few graphic novels. I figure I can justify the expense as creative input necessary to fuel my output on roman_a_clef (which is forthcoming, I promise). I decided I could get one each of a few titles each month (something I ruined yesterday, but I'll tell that later): Sandman, Scud, The Invisibles, and Transmetropolitan. I also found a Hsu and Chan collection, and as an early fan of them felt obligated to pick that up.

Afte that, we went for Ben & Jerry's, which was great because I had been hankering (something you can only do in the South, apparently) for some ice cream. Then we had a sleepover at piehead's. We talked about geek stuff like pens and notebooks and games and stuff. We played more Katamari. We explored the secrets of the conversatron. It was a good time. Then, we slept (well, I read vol. I of Transmetropolitan first). Then, we woke up and it was Wednesday. We hit their local "diner" for breakfast, where I finally got biscuits with some good sausage gravy, though not without an ordeal.
Me: Can I get biscuits and gravy as a side with my breakfast, or only as an entree?
Waitron: Only as an entree. Though... I suppose you could get a side of biscuits for a buck fifty, and we could put gravy on them for sixty-five cents [note: the entree was 5.95]. But it won't be as much gravy.
Me: Sounds fine. I'll take that, along with the cornflake french toast.

I am the most horrible restaurant patron. I'm not sure I've ever eaten food that wasn't spitten in. You get to like the taste, after a while.

After this comes the sad part. I had to go home. But not before giving both Piehead and Smanda huge hugs.

T E H   E N D.

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