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Miles to go before I sleep

Sunday saw me waking up obscenely early to drop Becca at the airport. I was very tired and only capable of communicating in short grunts. This only served to prove that I have the world's greatest combination of poor judgement and bad luck, as I should have stayed home from the movie the night previous and slept with my girlfriend and the Maid of Honor, like a proper Best Man. I came back to the hotel, pooped a mighty poop (even for me), and then tried to fall back asleep. I only got another hour or so before I declared myself terminal. I couldn't get Joe's cell phone, and I didn't think to try Katy's till later. I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to go to breakfast alone, missing my last meal with the crew, nor did I want to check out of the hotel only to leave me with nowhere to go until the happy couple woke up. So I sat and watched Escape from L.A. on the Sci-Fi Channel. Once I established contact with Katy and Joe, I packed my stuff up sluggishly and checked out. I went to their apartment and waited for them to get ready. They were concerned with Joe's parents coming over so I suggested that we just hit the Blue Dolphin again since it was right next door and leave a note. As it happens, while we were at the Dolphin, Joe saw his parents' rented van pull around the corner. His youngest brother, Matt, offered to let them in with his key (hoping, no doubt, to use the PS2). And so the day was saved and breakfast had. 2+2+2 again, you know it, son.

Afters, we opened the bountiful gifts and had some leftover cake. I left at 1400 their time, 1500 Atlanta time. The drive was all the longer for being tired. When I got to my Aunt's in Stone Mountain, I was ready for bed. She did the driving as we headed up to Woodstock to pick up my youngest brother, Austin, for (a late) dinner. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse, and I had a steak wrapped in Bacon. Goodness, I love the South. Then, it was back to my Aunt's, where I was finally able to sleep off the past week of exams, wedding, and driving.

Monday was a late morning, and I didn't leave the house till after 1400. I got some lunch in town, then followed a path which ended up taking me up the actual Stone Mountain (albeit off the actual path. While hiking, I set some plans with Jason (baka) and Amanda (smandas), as well as touching base with Joe re: my safe arrival. I took lots of pictures, which again are not yet out of my camera. The hike up Stone Mountain was just what I needed after a week of minimal exercise. I was tired, yet refreshed.

I just got in the door at my Aunt's when Jason called. I think my aunt wanted to talk to me a bit, though mostly about her Multi-level Marketing enterprise. But I had to get directions printed and be gone, because I had ½ hr. to get to the comedy club which was half an hour away in Sandy Springs (?). We went to see Frank Caliendo of Mad TV (he plays John Madden). Even the other acts were good. I think the problem with NYC comedy clubs is that New York is so choked with comedians that you are bound to get bad ones in with every performance. That, or the club in Atlanta actually only allows funny people on stage. Afterwards, we went to IHoP, where we called Alison (wimpdork) to taunt her about our copious Pfannkuchen consumption, to which she was not a party (more's the pity, but don't tell her I said that). I depsise the passive voice, but fun was had. Afterwards, we went to Jason's and watched TiVo, including the new Family Guy. Then, I went back to my aunt's late; she was already asleep.

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