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More plans

While looking at Muncy, PA on Google maps, I discovered a cool-sounding place called "World's End State Park." Now, it's close to Muncy, so I could stay with Joe's family. However, I have discovered PA's state parks have cabins if I decided to go somewhere else. They can be rented nightly up until the 2nd Friday in June (and again after the 3rd Friday in August). The nightly rental rates, off-season, are pretty cheap (the "rustic" cabin @ $23 / night + 6% tax = $25 room). I am totally getting an idea for a motorcycle trip. I have to check my vacation balance, but I should have 2-3 days left I can take off a week before my birthday... if no one else is off then. There's tons of stuff I could do there; hiking, riding... I could see the Archibald Pothole again.

It's only 100.5 miles away. The only thing that would suck is going alone.
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