The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Long Day Running

Thursday I woke up early. I think I left Casa Smanda between 0700 and 0800. This was a good idea because I had about 12 hours of driving ahead of me. I crossed North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida's panhandle. The only thing really saving me timewise was the time zone change west of Georgia. I-85 took me through the heart of Atlanta and down past the airport. I didn't hit that much traffic, even in Atlanta. It probably helped that it was just barely after noon. 85 took me to Columbus, GA, on 185, where I got on US 80 to 431. 431 went to 231, which went to Panama City. Some of the numbers might be wrong.

Not much happened along the way. I noticed the gas prices going up up up as I delved deeper and deeper into Alabama and Florida. I saw some signs for brand new condos in Alabama "starting in the low hundreds". But you gotta live in Fuckall, AL. I saw more and more mortorcycles the further south I got. They were mostly headed to Panama City, where there was a bike rally taking place. I missed having my bike a lot. I even stopped, lowered my window, and talked to a fellow GoldWing owner at a stoplight. Very unlike me (and I mean the talking, even though the stopping is also uncharacteristic).

I made it to PC, FL before sundown, but only just. I beat Joe's parents by a narrow margin as well. They don't call me KING O FROD for nothing. We went out for German food only to find all three tables at the restaurant were all full. We then went down the street to the Captain's Table, and Joe and Katy proceeded to teach us an important lesson about communication by not fighting about the restaurant. The food was pretty good, but the poboy was not up to Nawlins standards. We returned to Joe and Katy's where I was initiated in the mysteries of Katamari Damashi. I also showed off my GTA prowess. Then, it was suddenly much too late and my hours and hours on the road caught up to me. Net result: sleep.

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