The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

I look pretty young but I'm just backdated

Wednesday began uneventfully except for the rain. I awoke to hear it whispering to me. Unbelievable. It was all I could do to refrain from saying: "Just my luck." Because what luck could I have but my own? I didn't feel like starting my vacation in a bad mood, so I resolved not to push too hard. I took my time and surely enough the rain had stopped by the time I was ready to roll. I'd elected to wait to pack until that morning, so I had plenty to keep myself occupied. I also grabbed almost every CD I owned for the road. I didn't end up leaving until 1300. I hopped on the turnpike and took 95 all the way to Richmond where I picked up 85. Traffic was a constant; unwavering and unfaltering. I don't remember anything remarkable happening along the way.

I made it to Amanda's five minutes after 2100. She had snagged some NC barbecue (not real barbecue, Becca, but still good) for me to eat, which was supercool. It came with cornbread and real cole slaw and I was quite in heaven. We stayed up and talked about stuff and junk like old times. I went to sleep early because the next day was to be my longest day of driving yet.

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