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The Rundown at Sundown

Pursuant to this comment, I have finalized my plans for the following week. As I spent the night dozing over my Developmental Psychology textbook, I'm low on sleep. So tomorrow I'm leaving at whenever-the-fuck-I-please o'clock. I'm not packing tonight, I'm not loading my truck, I'm not mapquesting/blasting/googling directions. I got gas this morning, and about the last item of food in my house are the two waffles I'm eating for breakfast tomorrow. Once I am ready to go, I'm heading down to Chapel Hill, where I will spend a blissful and relaxing Wednesday Evening at Casa Smanda. Thursday morning, I will head out for Panama City, where I plan to crash Thursday Night with Joe and Katy. Friday morning, we'll pick up Becca at the airport, and then do wedding-type stuff till Sunday. Sunday morning (afternoon?) I'm heading out to Atlanta. I don't want to leave too late (noon is probably absolute latest if you have stuff planned for Sunday) because when I initially planned stuff, I forgot to factor in the hour I lose driving to Atlanta by crossing from Hick Time to Regular People Time. I would like to have dinner Sunday Night with my Aunt and Brother, and it's only polite that it not be too late in the evening, as Master Austin has school Monday. The next two days, I'll be in Hotlanta, and hopefully Jason can work me into his busy schedule. As my aunt will likely be at work, I hope to be able to work on some of the paperwork for Cornell. I also have to work on roman_a_clef at some point before May 1st. Then I'm returning to Chapel Hill, so I can meet πhead and so my drive home will not be so long. I'm heading home on Wednesday, so I have time on Thursday to buy food, pay my rent, do laundry, etc. (relax?). Thursday night is either my last or my next to last class; how time flies. I seem to move from objective to objective, one stressful task after another. Next is Cornell.

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