The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Brain Binges

I think the type of ADHD I might have is Attention Deficit Hyperlinking Disorder.

In other news, we just had a fire in the building. It's out, we're all okay. Everything is fine, nothing is ruined. And I can honestly say that though my first thought was for unplugging my computer and taking the precious, irreplaceable data on it with my, what I finally ran out the door with was my fire extinguisher. Cooler heads do prevail, from time to time. The Super and the guy in the apartment were taken in for observation after smoke inhalation, but there were no serious injuries. And I can safely say my Super is really super. That dude was already coming out of the apartment by the time I got there, looking goofy with my little extinguisher in one hand and the big hallway extinguisher under my other arm. Now everyone's back inside, behind their locked doors, forgetting about the conversations had and friendships made in the few brief minutes spent outside, wondering about the safety of our memories. Everything is fine, nothing is ruined.

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