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40 Miles from Philly (And We All Started Braking)

Home safe and sound again. Made good time getting to Pittsburgh even though we started late. Sunday morning, we loaded the bike up and tied it down with a minimum of incident. We met up with some members of my dad's local GWRRA chapter for breakfast and they helped make sure the bike was secure afterwards. We hauled ass to Philadelphia, where we promptly met with massive amounts of traffic, and I got to ride around the entire city with a motorcycle on a trailer (fun!). But we picked up David and he proved good travel company. We slogged through more and more traffic and finally made it home and unloaded the bike successfully. I now have two motorcycles crammed into my cramped parking space. Afterwards, we went out to dinner together, then drove David across the GW Bridge, promptly abandoning him on the other side. It was a full weekend.

Since Becca and I were both off today, we decided to take a drive and have a picnic. We ended up taking 17 to 17A, which brought us to Warwick, NY (former home of a soon-to-be-groom we all know and love). We drove around Warwick, taking in the sights (including the massive high school). Then we hopped on 94 and took it down to Vernon, NJ, where we picnicked behind a Dairy Queen. We played minigolf there, then had some ice cream for dessert. It was some seriously well-deserved relaxation after the stress of organizing the bike rescue attempt. I've wanted to punch so many things the past two weeks. Now I get to punch things due to the stress of returning to Cornell. I'm tired and I didn't do my homework for tomorrow.

I looked up tour dates for Southern Culture on the Skids today, as I realized I will actually be near them later this month. Sadly, the only tour date they have is the night before the wedding and in North Carolina. After that, they are going to Finland. Oh well.
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