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What's going on in April?

This Weekend
This weekend, I'm driving down to Pittsburgh to pick up my dad's motorcycle before the city can tow it. Since I retook the Myers-Briggs test and came out INTJ this time, I shall celebrate by detailing my activities in the that most anal of ways, the Ordered List:

  1. Friday night, after work, MeFi meetup. The quest to be social continues!
  2. Saturday morning, sleep in and pick up the M/C trailer at UHaul around 10:30.
  3. Drive down to Pittsburgh with Becca. Should get us there by 18:00.
  4. Sunday morning, load up the bike around 8 or 9. Drive to Philly to pick up The Very Reverend Dave. (takes about 4 hours, plus alotting 1 extra hour because Becca likes to "eat" and "use the bathroom", which consumes valuable driving time). Also want to allow time to find David in Philly, though optimally he will just hop in the truck bed at speed along the interstate, to alleviate having to do things like driving around downtown Philly (with a M/C on trailer) and stopping.
  5. Get here by around 16:00, giving us time to unload the GoldWing and return the trailer by the time UHaul closes on Sunday (17:00). This means not having to wake up early on Monday to return the trailer. Sleep, blessed sleep!
  6. Monday, if possible, have a nice walk and a picnic with Becca before she drives back to MA.

"Can't stop moving
Can't stop mooooving
Can't stop—"

End of the Month
Gosh, I have detailed notes on this all somewhere, but I don't have time or patience to look for them now. I'm driving to FL for Joe and Katy's wedding April 30. I'm planning on leaving that Wed. morning (or Tues night, if I feel like driving and if skriedle can put me up in a relatively doghair free way). Basically, my main destination is Panama City, FL. Secondary destination is Atlanta. Beyond that, I'd like to see those kids in Chapel Hill, and if there's time, other people along the way, such as the aforementioned Mr. Kriedle(r). I can do this any of a number of ways. I can stop in Lorton w/ Scott Tues. night, then drive from there to ATL, spend a day in ATL with family, then drive to PC for the weekend to be spent with Joe/Katy/Becca, then drive back to NC, then the rest of the way home. Or, I can drive to Lorton, catch Amtrak's car train (to save on my lease mileage) to FL, then drive from the Orlando area to PC, FL (though I'd like to drive south and see Crisbek in his native environment, I don't know that time would allow it), then drive back through ATL, then NC, then home. Or, I could just drive straight on Wed. to NC, then straight to PC, then back to ATL, then home (or again, possibly Lorton, or Richmond, if teh 9 has room). I'd have to be home in time for class Tuesday night, whichever route I took. Again, I have more exhaustive details written down somewhere, but I am basically throwing the SHOUT OUT for peeps along the Eastern Seaboard who can offer me shelter to speak now so I can firm my plans more. I've already been planning this in detail for 2 weeks, but as you can see, stuff came up. Let me know if your place is crashable, and if you think my info's out of date, e-mail my lj name with your details (address, phone #). Since I'll be without co-pilot (she can't get the time off), it'll be helpful to know who is close by at any point in case I break down or get robbed or something. And yes, this will be in the truck, not the motorcycle, for safety reasons (like I don't know how to change a flat on a motorcycle + I'll be travelling alone). The gas costs mean FREE LODGING is EXTREMELY HELPFUL.

Thanks, you rock!

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