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Plan of attack

  1. First, go to gym. Exercise is therapeutic and gets you motivated for the day. Done.
  2. Eat breakfast (this is not a given; I have to remind myself). Done.
  3. Call Cathy's work number. See if you can track her down. See if she can tell you who the mechanic is. See how she's doing, if she got the birthday card. Done. Has to check what the mechanic's name is.
  4. If you can't get her, call around, find Dad's mechanic. Can he take custody of the vehicles for a week or two until I can put together the estate papers. Done. Waiting for call back.
  5. Call the lawyer. Verify the list of stuff he needs; see if he knows any of the law vis-a-vis vehicles. Is it legal to trailer the unregistered motorcycle across state lines? Done. It is legal to come pick up the M/C, as long as I am not operating it.
  6. Start the legal paperwork. Make copies of everything. Fax to the lawyer. May need copy of Dennis' PoA. Done. Will FedEx the info to the lawyer as soon as I can get everything compiled, along with official check to cover legal fees.
  7. Look into renting a trailer. What'll be fun is trying to drive with one. Talk about backing that ass up. The guys at Circle Cycle might help (good idea). They might even loan you a trailer for the weekend, with tie-downs etc. Done. They don't know anywhere but U-Haul that rents trailers. U-Haul is $14.95 / day for the M/C trailer, and they don't let them go one-way. It's either that or rent a 5' × 8' or 9' trailer one way, and those start at $89.00 for three days (if it's 1 way, I only need 1 day) not including the tie downs (which you have to buy separate from someone else).
  8. Look into car donation. We have the title, it's just not in our names. Can we work something out? Done. Short answer, no. Long answer, yes, but not till the paperwork's done.

Status at present is waiting to get in touch with the mechanic to see if he can hang onto the car while I get the papers taken care of. According to the lawyer, the POA is okay, so that speeds things up.

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  • Contacts
  • You finished the reading yesterday, good job. You have until 5 to finish the HW questions.
  • Taxes! Get the paperwork together, at least. Look into e-file or use a damn accountant and get it over with.
  • Look into availability for ERC. How long is the wait? Register ASAP, there's your damn reward for getting As. Done. They have openings the 10th (this weekend; no good if I have to go out of town) and the 23rd. 23rd looks like the ticket, just need to figure out this weekend before confirming.
  • When talking to the guys at Circle Cycle, as about hard luggage. I'm still split on which tires to get. Hard luggage = more carrying capacity = fewer excuses why I can't go to the gym @ 5 AM. Also means I can carry the bike cover with me, so I can ride on days where there might be a few scattered showers.

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