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TOP SECRETNESS goes online tonight, Jah willing. Continue to watch this space, while dressing, while driving, while working! DO NOT BREAK EYE CONTACT WITH THE WEBPAGE FOR THAT IS WHEN IT WILL STRIKE!

Unfortunately, all my creative energy has been sapped for this, so don't look for any April Fool's jokes from me.

In other news, I e-mailed the Dean again re: my readmission; still no response. I am looking into how early I can return (and being proactive, yay!). If I can go back for summer session (starting June 1) I can take 6 credits, including one class with my advisor (haven't taken one with him yet), and I will be done with classes July 15th. Can anyone say ROAD TRIP? Seriously, 1 month off before classes start could be just the break I have been waiting all my life for to take my X-Country road trip. Plus, it lets me finish Cornell in one 17 credit (ugh) semester. I have As, and I'm making real progress (as opposed to aping it or jumping through hoops). Still, I need to look into transfers because nothing in life is a guarantee.

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