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Daisy Duke: Everybody's favorite kissin' cousin

As I was preparing my breakfast the other day, it occured to me that it would be amusing if Fugazi's "No Surprise" was about the sadness you feel when you switch from Frosted Flakes to regular Corn Flakes as you grow older: "It comes with no surprise, it comes with no surprise, it comes with noooooo surpriiiiise"

"What was once a must now gathers dust." I'm still five years old. I buy stuff on impulse and never use it. I don't know where my yo-yo is. My GBA SP is almost completely disused. This is why I so seldom buy crap. That said, I got my 3rd A of the semester today. I've been thinking about buying myself something(s) to celebrate/reward my good grades, since I haven't since I spent my gift certificates from X-mas (unless you count food, which I am learning is a "necessity" not a "luxury" and am eating at least two—usually three—times a day). I've been thinking of filling out my selection of Fugazi CDs, or buying the Rush albums I don't own on CD for the trip down to FL. Then again, I've also been itching to see American Psycho again, so I might buy that. The line "piece of bitch trash" keeps running through my head, and I must exorcise it (through non-homicidal means, though I think a sport could be made involving chainsaws and accuracy).

Speaking of FL, I mailed my invite back yesterday, and got measured for my tux. I probably should have told them to size it up one for all the Southern cooking I will be carrying in my belly when I get down there. Still need to pick out a gift (and no, we're not going for his n' hers matching engraved iPods, sorry).

I have a surprise worked out for May 1st, 2005 which is related to but distinct from my surprise for April. Let's just say it's a ten-year anniversary of something very special to me. Ten years is a long time when you have ADD/HD (which does not stand for Hi-Definition, sadly). I am not actually diagnosed as such, as I'm currently figuring out whether getting diagnosed will mean anything other than "here are the requisite pills" (not just me being paranoid this time; my therapist has said aside from what we're already doing, that's about it). Being ADHD&D IInd Ed. doesn't really mean diddlysquat to me other than "look at me, I have a disorder... this is why I do things wrong". I am trying to accomplish things in my life, and this is one time I believe the true efficacy is in treating the symptoms, not the cause. I am how I am, and I don't want to change that; which is what I feel like pills would do. I want to work with what I've got, ADD/HDTV or not.

I have other things on my mind, but you can't have them! Deal!

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