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5 Questions.

This is nasty.

I had an idea as I was falling asleep last night, which I wrote on my hand in pen in the dark. When I woke, it was completely unintelligible, but I managed to remember it after all. So I spent today coming up with five questions to ask specific people on my friends list. This is in the interest of conversation, and I'd like to see how it goes before I make it a regular thing.

  1. kingseyeland: How's it feel to be thirty so far?
  2. sobriquet: Are you excited about our TOP SECRET project?
  3. lorelei: How's the sunburn?
  4. sari: What book(s) are you currently reading?
  5. rajagaj: My feelings on the next Star Wars movie are pretty clear. What are yours?

Anyone is free to jump in. It's an open conversation. If you're also thirty, you can talk about being thirty. If you are excited about TOP SECRET things, you can say so. If you hate Star Wars... you get the idea.

Have fun!
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