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What people are saying about me

1. You're deep.
2. Queensryche - "Empire" (I'm not sure why)
3. Sydney Poitier (again, no idea)
4. Self-actualized

1. Your audacity.
2. "Hold On" - Wilson Phillips
3. Rob Gordon--purely because you're a music snob, and you have compulsive tendencies.
4. self-assertive, in the best sense of the word

1. You're a little bit of everything all rolled into one ;)
2. Killing Moon - Echo & The Bunnymen
3. Chris Tucker
4. Eclectic

1. I like that you're an independent thinker
2. Cake: Short skirt and long jacket. And usually anything by Rush, but only because I know you like them.
3. Linus, who usually quiet, but when he speaks, is usually quite wise
4. Introspective

1. You seem to put work and care into everything you do. You'll invest as much interest and work into an lj response as you would a large literary piece. You craft your thoughts and ideas, constantly, and somehow do it without ever coming off as fabricated or false. The word in point 4 is how you come off to me, and that's just right. You have solid thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, but you always seem ready to reevalute and reassess. Strong, but open.
2. IME - "One More Astronaut", "Raspberry", Hum - "The Scientist(s)", Shiner - "Andalusia", and many many more.
3. Midas Mulligan from Atlas Shrugged. Kind of cheesy taking the banker angle, but it fits. You're in banking, but your true transactions are value for value.
4. deliberate

1. The way you smell like home
2. There are quite a number, but I'll stick with one for now. "Burn" by Jodee Messina
3. John Cusack. You remind me vaguely of an amalgamation of many of the roles he's played, mostly though, you're your own person.
4. Heart (Not the object or the shape, but as in "you have heart")

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