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Yes, Virginia, cheat codes do work in dreams. Also, I forgot to list intangibility as one of my talents.

Also, as far as I know, I had my first WILD (Wake Induced Lucid Dream). My lovely assistant kept waking me up, and at one point I was having trouble falling asleep. So I slowed myself down a bit, and just watched myself. Gradually, things began to cohere less, and I realized, "Hey, I'm dreaming!" As I'm still learning this technique, I sort of fell asleep within the dream (I've had false awakenings before, but not false ensleepenings) dreaming I was watching myself fall asleep. This was the first dream I've "created" inside a dream (while simultaneously being aware I'm dreaming—on two (or 1½) levels, as opposed to the sort of scene change that happens with a false awakening), so it was rather simplistic. I was standing or gliding while upright in traffic. I willed myself to move forward, until I was very close to the giant F O R D on the back of this old pickup with a cap in front of me. Then I sort of woke up (within the dream) and thought to myself: Get back in there, and don't be so timid this time. So I was behind the pickup again, and I willed myself forward, and my face was inside, under the cap, looking into the bed. So then I went whoo-hoo! and shot forward at an appalling rate-a-speed. True Superman flight! Except Superman can't fly intangibly through things. I got bored real quick and I suddenly shot up at a 90° angle (π/2 radians to you metric folks) and headed straight for the stars. It was kind of cool; I had a colorful blur/contrail thing behind me as I flew, just like the real Superman.

I woke up (still inside the dream) and fell onto the mattress with a thump. I had been hovering while flying in the dream. So I tried it again, and watched myself wake up. This time I was very carefully supporting my whole body's weight on one shoulder (I tried this once really awake and even using my right arm as a lever this is wholly impossible for me) making it look like I was floating. So I do doubt myself, even in dreams. But it's cool; I have a scientific doubt I employ, and it stems from curiousity rather than a less-nice place. As far as the God-Mode/Cheat Codes go; I had been sliding around a frozen (and empty) parking lot with Becca in my Ford, trying to go sideways. Well, I did it, and with such momentum that even when I engaged the 4WD and spun around, I slid my tailgate into a bus stop, wrecking it pretty badly (but not hurting the lady standing there!). My truck was not damaged (maybe I should add "Sphere of Influence" to my list of powers; I can make other things invulnerable, as well as myself). This is about the extent of the hooliganism I get up to in my dreams. Actually, I think this is the worst thing I've ever done in a dream. I drove off, and two little wanted stars lit up. I dropped Becca off so as not to get her in trouble, headed for my place, and once safely inside, hit the cheat code to turn off my pursuers.

Cool, eh? Well, I'm off to attempt further adventures. I promise not to do too much damage.

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