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Dreams expanded.

I think I fell asleep thinking of the seagulls I'd seen through my window, being blown sideways in the stiff wind like white plastic bags underlit by a spotlight. My mind stayed on plastic bags and they morphed into thought balloons, like in a cartoon, containing pictures. Then I was in a land where people communicated semantically using these thought-balloon pictures, never conceiving or having conceived of words. I felt at home. It reminded me of Artie from the Generation X comic book, though other people might think of the Sims, but it was far more artistic (autistic?) than the Sims. Imagine opening your mouth and having the Sistine Chapel painting or Guernica come out of your mouth. Or if you were looking for a table, the image of a table coming out; the most spectacularly photographed image out of a catalogue, but more: a realistic representation in full three dimensions.

The beginning of the dream is hazy. I remember it being something to do with living in my own apartment (perhaps to do with my earlier feeling of being home?), and my mother and grandmother either bailing me out or chastening me for some mistake I'd made. The apartment I was living in was where the laundromat and China King are by TJ's garage on River Road in Edgewater. I seem to remember a flurry of papers or post-it notes, each containing a seperate conversation with Laszlo on Chatterbox radio, taken from GTA3. Most of the callers were represented in the post-its, and I was Laszlo, which tied into me talking to Becca the night before about my time as a DJ.

There was a challenge somehow (maybe a war was going on?) between Japan and the West (US/EU) and Mario was there as the Italian delegate, even though he's a Japanese creation. Whatever. So the thing was the Japanese were really technologically advanced, but they built tons of gadgets into their train, so it was really slow due to the weight. They had a holographic projector that made it seem like parts of the track were missing. But I could see the beams from the projector. Did I mention this whole thing was happening underground? It was like a subway tunnel, except with dirt walls. I got the impression it was a tunnel, that there would be light soon, not like with a subway. This is how I saw the beams, shining in the low light. But I figured it out so I shouted something to the train and it turned on its high beams, washing out the holographic projection. Mario and I were outside the train at the time, because I suppose the trains were mechanized or automated as part of the contest. It made sense then. But since we were outside the train, and there was no real way to hang on, we were running alongside. The trains were really not moving that fast. So the Japanese, who were controlling the venue, decided to make things difficult. There were suddenly subway tracks on both sides of our train, with electrified third rails. They added fog, so it was hard to watch your steps as you were running along. Then they started snaking the rails underneath the trains, back and forth, so we had to come up with some fancy footwork. But I'm a seasoned video game player, and Mario's a seasoned video game character, so we didn't have that much of a problem. Then they decided to put up walls. But it was really more like they boarded the passageway up, like an old mine. There was only a very narrow opening above the tracks, so I knew the train couldn't make it under there. I just managed to crawl under on my belly, getting myself dirty in the process (that's how important it was; I hate getting muddy). I had to throw my fedora under because it was too narrow to fit under while I was wearing it. Once on the other side, I realized the train probably could have just steamed right through the planks, but whatever. I told Mario we would need to get something. I struggled to think of the word, and even though I described it he couldn't name it either. I was trying to think of and not think of dollies, which was weird, because I conjured a picture of one, but I didn't want to name it because then in the dream it would become real. Sure enough, a naked mole rat named Mollie came out of the dirt walls to "help" us. I knew her as a girlfriend of Sonic the Hedgehog, which is when it occurred to me that the Japanese team was run by Sega. So Mario and I had played dumb to trick them into thinking they could trap us.

Mollie dug through the dirt and took us to Sega HQ, which was disguised as a school. But Mario and I knew where we were. She started taking us to meet the boss, but we snuck off and through an unlocked door. Mario, being an international superstar, spoke Spanish as well as Italian, which was good, because we had travelled far enough south with the trains that we were in Mexico. I had to pee, so I managed to ask: "?Donde esta el baño?" which was cool because I haven't spoken Spanish in a dream since last I was taking a Spanish class. A girl told me where the bathroom was, and I managed to understand her because although she spoke in Spanish, her words were posted in a speech balloon inside angle brackets just like in a comic book. So I found my way down the stairs to the bathroom, which had an arcade like Chuck E. Cheese's in it.

Normally when I have to pee in a dream it means I have to pee in real life but either I didn't or I forgot about it. So I started playing a game in the arcade, and then (of course) I was inside the game. I can't remember the premise of the game, but it was kind of like an exploration game but also like Dig-Dug in that I was underground for lots of it (also kind of like the Goonies) and I was tunnelling sometimes. One place I crawled into, I felt something under my back, almost squirming. But I managed to arch my back and underneath it was a small train. Then I tunnelled into this one cavern, starting a rockslide in the process. There was nothing on the other side; I'd dug my way over a subterranean cliff (think Leap of Faith, Last Crusade). By force of will, I managed to keep the rocks and dirt from spilling out from underneath me, as I was still only at the mouth of the chasm. But it became clear to me that it was only a matter of time until I fell. I managed a scene change (some day, I should document the individual 'powers' in a dream, like spells, that I have or have exercised) just as everything gave way, and instead of falling into a big round craggy hole (like the Archibald Pothole) I fell out into the sky above a bright pastoral landscape on the edge of a small city or large town. Whereever I was, I was at the birthplace of Legos (though I was thinking of the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown earlier that day; I was reminded of this in the dream) and there was a giant arch there commemorating the 40th anniversary of Legos. It was built out of the larger-size lighter-weight legos they have for preschool kids. But I was still falling. So I called a second chance and I was falling again, but this time I was closer to the arch, and I caught a string hanging from underneath. So I was hanging 40' from the ground, literally by a thread, knowing I was going to fall at some point. At that point I said to myself, "Wait a minute, I'm dreaming." So I knew I wanted to be on the ground, and I just looked at the ground intently (being sure not to be too direct about it, lest I rouse myself from my lucid slumber) and then I was there. Realizing I had teleported, and that I was still lucid, I wanted more than anything to stay lucid. I wanted to fly, and suddenly I was rocketing up into the sky in an almost sickening and dizzying fashion. I've flown like a bird before, and like Superman. This was kind of like Superman, but I would see a place I wanted to be or look in a direction and I would glide in that direction (fairly quickly), but not necessarily head first. Eventually, I made my way to low-earth-orbit, and stars filled the sky. Then I started either gliding faster, or teleporting again, because the stars would shift suddenly about me. Then I teleported back to earth, and I was spinning in place, trying to think of what else I wanted to do while I was still lucid. I remembered someone in a lucid dreaming forum talking about passing along a green cherry bomb, so I conjured one, but I thought it looked weird, since cherries (and cherry bombs, as far as I've seen) are red, so when I turned it over in my hand it had two red lobes on it. It looked like a model of a water molecule, with a green oxygen atom and two smaller red hydrogen atoms attached (or like an upside down Mickey Mouse). I put it into someone's disembodied hand, but then I lost lucidity and woke up a bit. I think it was five- or six- something AM. I drifted back to sleep and things are again hazy. I remember coming to Suzanne Merse's (the librarian who sold me the Buick) house (it was also my friend Domenick's house before that) from the back, which is impossible because there are houses with fenced in yards there. The house was on fire, but no one had called the fire department she said because it had almost burned itself out. She didn't want our help either. I told her she should have taken out a home equity with us (BankCo) because now she would have to wait for the insurance company to repair the hole burned in her roof, and it was starting to snow. But she didn't want that, either. So we headed off in our cars (after having approached on foot). Also, there were suddenly about 20 carloads of people, like we were leaving a dinner party. And the snow was very thick. Archie (again, from the comic) was in the first car. We were plowing through the snow when we were almost hit on either side by two giant snowplows that almost looked like farm combines. The guys driving stuck their heads out the window and told us to go on ahead, that they had plowed the way back to the road for us. Archie drove through the snow bank and sure enough, just on the other side, the field was plowed all the way back to the road. Well, not all the way. The lead plow guy told us he'd plowed everything but the last 20' back to the road. He'd left a sheet of ice there for Archie, which made us all laugh, because none of us liked him anyway, the smug goody-two-shoes he was. I think we all, including Jughead, despised his depiction of bland 'normality'. So Archie probably got into an accident (we never found out).

I can't remember where it fell in the dream's chronology, but there was also a part where I was in a mall (this one actually resembled a real mall; I was probably testing lucidity because I compared it the the Garden State Plaza and it matched up fairly well). I was wandering around, and I noticed that I was paying particular attention to the kids and how their parents behaved. I thought this was for my developmental psychology class, but it could also have been for my own eventual parentage(?). I kept thinking of what I would do better, but then I guess I ran through the gedanken (thought) experiment and actually tried the behavior on a hypothetical child, only to find it didn't work either. I guess the moral of the story is that kids are hard to control, even when you're trying to be more nuturing than controlling.

That's it; that's all I can remember. For now.

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